Mentorship & New Agent Training

Go from the classroom the boardroom... after graduation!

That moment when...

I loved the way Tri Corner was able to offer me a chance to break into a real estate career.  I am able to work closely with experienced agents and brokers, which helps me learn so much more than what just a real estate course would show me.

Tuition Reimbursement - Helping you get a 'bump' into your career in real estate!

In partnership with brokerage offices, we offer tuition assistance program for those graduates who complete their coursework, become licensed and are brought on as an active salesperson. 
Our goal is to get you up and running in the real estate business as quickly and affordable as possible! You are reimbursed for your tuition while you forge a full or part-time career during your mentorship training at the nationwide brokerage.  

All of our Live & Virtuoso courses are held at brokerage offices to help you get an opportunity to become part of the real estate professional culture while you work on getting your license. At Tri Corner, we don't just simply offer your the 'class to get your license'...but we serve as your gateway into the business!

We are not just another real estate school, we're the future of agent training. 

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Would you like to host classes in your brokerage office as a recruiting tool? Let's talk.