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Members of the Tri Corner Team are highly-qualified, well-known professionals who work in the real estate industry. Our company partners with leaders in the industry to provide more practicle knowledge and experience to the next generation of real estate professionals. 

Walter 'Dave' Spence
Walter 'Dave' SpenceTri Corner Owner & President
Dave has been involved in teaching and education management and consulting in the post-secondary adult education business for more than 20 years in such cities as Moscow (Russian Federation), New York and the Washington D.C. areas. He combines his 20 year career in adult education and his extensive experience as a real estate investor to form Tri Corner Real Estate Institute. 'Dave' is an avid traveler, having been to over 20 different countries. He is also bilingual. He's an avid scuba diver and sports shooter and firearms enthusiast. "My focus has always been assisting adult students gain success in their studies and in their careers. When my students are successful, I am successful. This is why I wanted to form a program that focuses on students' success in and outside the classroom. The Tuition Reimbursement Program is one way I wish to encourage students to reach for success. 'Teach a man to fish... feed him for a lifetime.' "
Derrick McLaughlin, Associate Broker (MD) & Broker (MD / DC). CPHM, Certified Asset Manager. COS. HQS Inspector  LIHTC Certified (C3P) National Association of Real Estate Brokers
Derrick McLaughlin, Associate Broker (MD) & Broker (MD / DC). CPHM, Certified Asset Manager. COS. HQS Inspector LIHTC Certified (C3P) National Association of Real Estate Brokers
Derrick brings not only his 10+ years of experience in commercial and residential real estate sales and brokerage management & operations, but his many years of experience hiring, training and educating realtors to the table. Students gain tremendous additional insight from the brokerage management side of the industry while sitting in Derrick's classes. Derrick's understanding of the laws and guidelines in the industry comes from years of hiring and training hundreds of commercial and resident realtors, as well as his years in the business in his own sales and real estate representation. Derrick is also very qualified and certified to instruct NAR Certification & Designation courses. Derrick also serves as an Executive Advisory Board Member for Tri Corner.
Theresa 'T.C.' Cooksley, Broker (VA) Author GRI, MCNE, MRP, CMR, e-PRO, BPOR, SFR
Theresa 'T.C.' Cooksley, Broker (VA) Author GRI, MCNE, MRP, CMR, e-PRO, BPOR, SFR
T.C. is a highly experienced broker of many years in the industry in Virginia. She has been mentoring hundreds of agents on teams and individually since 2005. T.C. was a member of the National Silver Producers Club at United Real Estate, a master Social Media Marketer and leader of a Mastermind group in Northern VA. She is also a licensed, certified instructor with Virginia Real Estate Board. T.C. has also previously cultivated a Women’s Mentoring Mastermind Program in the United Real Estate Washington DC office. She is also a published author. Her works include instructional guides for homeowners who wish to list their properties. She also has an e-book for home buyers looking to purchase properties in Virginia. T.C. has served on Special Needs Boards both in New York and Virginia, as well as being a Respite Care Volunteer. Past Foster Mom, BNI Ambassador and Awana Leader. She is currently serving as an Executive Advisory Board Member for Tri Corner, as well as serving as a Virginia Broker for Federa.

Tri Corner Student Voices!

Listen to Tri Corner students after they complete their courses. These are real reviews taken from graduates after completing their coursework. Students at Tri Corner have a voice and we listen! 

The typical REALTOR® in 2019 is a 54-year-old white female who attended college and is a homeowner, according to NAR data released. 

NAR data released for 2019.


Social media is the number one source Millennials use when researching product information.

The future of agent training means leaving the 'old school' behind. 

Trends in AI, online marketing, dark analytics, IoT, mixed reality, social media and video production have all influenced and will continue to strongly influence the way real estate is marketed and sold. There is strong evidence to suggest the market will leave behind many agents who fail to align with these trends. One can see this in the gap that exists between the so-called ‘Baby Boomers’, Generation X and Millennials, particularly in their different consumer habits. 

Millennials are far more prone to rely on their smartphones, online reviews, and social media to gather information on the best deals, promotions and product reviews. According to Entrepreneur Magazine, Millennials run to their smartphones as a primary means of connecting to the internet (89% of them use a cellular device to connect). Social media is, not surprisingly, the number one source for research Millennials use when searching for product information and customer reviews. Consequently, the more traditional ‘old school’ methods of marketing and advertising to which ‘Baby Boomers’ are accustomed (print, TV & radio) are much further down the list of priorities for the Millennial consumer, falling way behind digital advertising. Whether it's looking at customer reviews of a nearby Thai restaurant or reading the latest customer ratings for laptops, the Millennials are naturals at using social media and their devices in their consumer practices. 

Real estate agents MUST consider these trends when creating their marketing strategy if they wish to stay relevant with this generation of home buyers in the 21st century. One could make the argument that the more experienced and traditionally trained agents of the 'Baby Boomer' generation, who demographically make up the majority in the industry, are not entirely ready for these trends. The National Association of Realtors ® reports that the majority of Realtors ® in 2019 are made up of white, female ‘Baby Boomers’ (average age of 54 years).

Oddly enough, the report also indicates a gap in average Realtor's understanding and practice of using social media in their business. The vast majortiy of Realtors in the 'Baby Boomer' demographic are not familiar with 'vlogging'.  

To stay relevant in a dynamically changing marketplace, agents will be expected to think ‘outside the box’, tapping into the rapidly changing technology. They will be expected to think more independently, to be more autonomous, relying less on the traditional model of brokerages providing business and leads, which creates a dependency and egocentric approach to business, all of which has become part of the hallmark of this ‘old school’, ‘Baby Boomer’ margin highlighted in the NAR ® findings.

Millennial agents will bring along with them their natural social media instincts and technical savvy into the industry to appeal to an ever more increasing Millennial buyer market. 

To stay relevant in a dynamically changing marketplace, agents will be expected to think ‘outside the box’, tapping into the rapidly changing technology. 

Tri Corner Real Estate Institute - Starting a new career in real estate full or part-time just got easier!

Tri Corner Real Estate Institute was founded to assist real estate professionals and the newer millennial entrepreneur, making it more possible for one to enter the industry with less financial burdens and obstacles. By providing more options, more platforms and more choices, as well as a guided path through mentorship training, Tri Corner aligns itself with these trends in the industry. 

We're not just another real estate class. We're the future of agent training.

Join the Revolution! 

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