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Our men & women who serve to protect us everyday are so important to us.  We know their jobs are not easy. All those men and women who serve in the US military, fire departments, emergency services, state and local police forces, as well as veterans, are all so vital to our nation's stability. We wanted to share our appreciation by offering them a 25% discount on our Live & Virtuoso platform for pre-licensing!  

Now is such a great time to begin to lay the groundwork for a future business, and we wish to offer our appreciation to all those who put their lives on the line for us by offering them the opportunity to build a business that can help support their families and create a better retirement for them in the future.  

We thank you for your service & sacrifice! 

Walter Spence
President & Owner
Tri Corner Real Estate Institute 


        #GetBackToSuccess !

Our mission is to provide affordable, comprehensive real estate courses that foster professionalism, leadership and high industry standards, while preparing students for the challenges in the real estate industry of the 21st Century. 
Our goal is to assist in removing barriers in the real estate industry to those entering the business, as well as to experienced agents, brokers and brokerage firms who seek our programs for their professional development needs. We believe in using technology to the benefit of the real estate professional. "Real estate is a people business, and people are not algorithms.." is our company's motto.  We believe a well-informed, professional and knowledgeable real estate sales agent is irreplaceable in the industry, as an 'app' is something that cannot be a substitute for excellent client service and experience.  
Our values are represented in the American tradition of independence, self-determination, hard work and integrity, all of which are inherent in the spirit of true entrepreneurship. These values are personified in our logo, "Tri Corner Troy" - the American colonial revolutionary and patriot. Resilience, defying the odds and a commitment to excellence and leadership are represented in his persona. We strive for these values as we provide our students with high quality coursework. 
Warning: Starting a career in real estate can cause sudden dancing...
I had an excellent experience at Tri Corner. Our instructor offered real world scenarios in the classroom that helped me retain a lot more on the PSI. They went the extra mile to make sure I was getting the support I needed. It seemed they focused more on our success, which was greatly felt.
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Starting a new career in real estate full or part-time 
just got easier !

Whether you want to earn money part-time or start a brand new career in a fascinating industry by helping people buy, sell or rent residential or commercial properties, we make it easier for you to get started! 

We make it more affordable than ANY other program in Virginia to get on your way to a new career in real estate!

We do this by helping you get started and get your tuition back in our Tuition Reimbursement & Mentorship Program!
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We are not just another real estate pre-licensing class!

We're the future of real estate agent education and training!

Our program is built for the demands of the real estate professional of the 21st century. 

Affordable Prices.

Our prices are lower than the competition, which makes it easier for you to get a license and get started on building a business in real estate! Are you paying for PLE & CE classes? Why? As a Tri Corner student, you get them for FREE! We include a lot other programs don't. 

More platforms! More options! more choices!

We understand the demands of your busy schedule. That's why we make it possible for you to get the flexibility you need in a real estate course. We keep it flexible for you to get the education you need! Study online, join a live class, or tune in by joining our live-streamed classes through our "Live & Virtuoso" option! Study with a classroom of fellow students and a live instructor from the office, home, the local cafe, anywhere! You got more choices with Tri Corner!  

Live Training and Mentorships
Our company motto is "Real estate is a people business....and people are not algorithms!" It’s all about building relationships and trust.  Our staff and faculty are here for you live and in-person to support you.  Also, we work with local and nationwide brokerages and real estate teams to offer mentorship training to help you get up and running in the business in as short a time as possible.
Experienced Faculty
Our faculty are experienced brokers who have been in the business for many years. They use their expertise and inside knowledge to help guide you through the many obstacles that face agents in the business. 
Quality curriculum - Guaranteed to pass the PSI
Our Dearborn Curriculum is the most successful in the industry! We are so confident that you will pass the PSI after finishing our Dearborn designed courses that we offer our students a 100% Guarantee Pass PSI Exam policy. See our 100% Guarantee Pass PSI policy for details. 
Tuition Reimbursement program
We are focused on you, the future real estate professional. We prefer students to spend more time preparing for the PSI and building a career than worrying about their financial circumstances. That is why we offer our Tuition Reimbursement Program at selected brokerage locations! You get your tuition back after graduating!  We call it Earn While You Learn at Tri Corner! 

Excellent fast paced live course with very knowledgeable instructors! I would recommend this school to anyone who is interested in getting a real estate license...

Requirements to become a real estate salesperson in virginia

To take the required real estate pre-licensing exam (PSI) in Virginia, you must meet the following requirements:
  • Be at least 18 years of age.
  • Have a high school diploma.
Prior to taking the state and national exams (PSI), you are required to enroll and successfully complete a Virginia Real Estate Board (DPOR) approved pre-licensing course - Real Estate Fundamentals and Practice.

Tri Corner Real Estate Institute and its pre-licensing course are approved and licensed by the Virginia Real Estate Board (DPOR).
Once you have completed the required 60 hour course, your academic records will be sent to PSI. 

You must then complete an exam application through PSI Exams (psiexams.com), submit your transcripts, and pay a $90 examination fee.  In most cases, your transcripts will be sent to PSI by the program administrators where you completed your coursework.  

At Tri Corner Real Estate Institute, we assist you by sending your transcripts to PSI. We also assist you in registering and in preparing for the exam itself.   

Ask about our PSI exam prep class.  

Once you've passed both national and state portions of the exam, you then must submit to a background check

You're on your way to becoming a licensed real estate salesperson in Virginia.  

Once you choose a brokerage, the broker then approves and signs your Initial Salesperson Application for DPOR. Simply go to DPOR's Real Estate Board webpage and follow their instructions to apply.   

TriCorner partners with United Real Estate, a nationwide brokerage, and member of the United family of companies, parented by one of the longest-standing land brokerages and auction services in the US, United Country Group. United Country Group has been a leading innovator in the real estate industry since 1925.  

Ask about Mentorship and Training 

Graduates of the program are offered to work directly under brokers who have been mentoring in the business for many years. United Real Estate offers graduates of our program Tuition Reimbursement.  Through our partnership with United Real Estate, mentorship training JumpStart and Boot Camp are provided to get agents trained and up and running in the business as quickly as possible.

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